2Heartspring has become a very important part of our family’s life, as it has for so many others. What is so special about Heartspring? For my wife Linda and I, it is not only because our grandson, Blake, is receiving services there, but also because our mothers introduced us to its importance in people’s lives back in the 50’s when it was known as the Institute of Logopedics. Our mothers helped transport local people to therapy. We heard then about how people were being helped, never dreaming that one day we would need the services provided at Heartspring.When we think of Heartspring, we think of the dedication and expertise of the staff and the therapists’ ability to look at each child as a unique individual, each with his/her own unique needs. Their willingness to meet each child where they are and move them to the goal of being the best they can be is inspiring to watch. Blake, like every child, has favorite movies and characters he loves and good and not-so-good days in therapy. The therapists care enough to know those favorites and use them as motivators during those not-so-fun days. With the help of Batman, Lightning McQueen, and Green Lantern they help move him through the workouts, divert his attention, and have fun at the same time. The therapists are always willing to answer questions, teach the family ways to help the child at home, and when there is a setback, they reroute the therapy and try another approach. Most of all, they are there to celebrate with the student and family each step of the way.Our whole family (all 18 of us) looks forward to being involved with Heartspring in order to help make these same services available and affordable to any child and family who need them. We volunteer at Lights on the Lake by working the gates, serving cookies, and helping with Santa pictures. Our son Ben, Blake’s dad, is very involved with PedalFest. It was amazing last year to see our whole family involved in the fun of PedalFest and teaching our other grandchildren how they could help others. I most appreciate the endless possibilities, the dedicated and caring staff, and the amazing changes that take place through the work done each and every day at Heartspring. Through the help of the staff, community, volunteers and donations, the future of Heartspring looks to be around for a very long time, touching and changing children’s lives. It just doesn’t get any better than that.Richard “Buck” BuchananHeartspring Board of Trustees MemberSenior Vice President Advanced ProjectsSpirit AerosystemsLETTER FROM THE BOARDThe Buchanan Family, PedalFest 2011<<
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