424HOUR CARE<<24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.Heartspring’s dedication to the children it serves is truly endless. From annual eye exams to immunizations and daily medicine management, the medical team makes themselves available to our residential students at all times. The team includes a doctor on call, four nurses, two medical aides and a medical office assistant. With our medical staff on campus, Heartspring is prepared to handle any situation concerning our students’ health. Our medical staff works with each student individually, giving them the direct care they need according to their specific diagnoses. That devotion is what makes Heartspring special.1 Nurse Practitioner Ann Tracy prepares Eric for a shot. 2 Farrakhan holds on to his thermometer as he gets his temperature taken. 3 Registered Nurse and Director of Medical Group Lori Neel listens to Justin’s heartbeat. 4 Lead Certified Medical Aide Lorna Reed visits Joseph in his group home to give him his afternoon medication. 5 Lori measures Colin’s height. 6 Registered Nurses Jinny Rochelle and Wendy Wilson conduct a vision test with Anthony. 7 Ann checks Andrew’s eyes as part of his vision test.1234
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