8INTERNATIONAL OUTREACHFamilies around the world are inquiring about Heartspring services. In the past six months, the Pediatric Services outpatient clinic worked with two families from Nigeria. After struggling to find services at home, Khalid (right) and his family came to Heartspring for three weeks of intensive evaluation and therapy. He has cerebral palsy, and with the help of other local organizations like the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation (CPRF), Khalid received his very first wheel chair during his stay. His family hopes to move to Wichita at the start of the school year, so Khalid can continue to receive the treatment he deserves. <<GREATER IMPACT<<HEARING CENTERThe Heartspring Hearing Center serves children and young adults ages birth through 21. Heartspring recently hired Molly Lyon, the only listening and spoken language specialist in the area. With her wealth of knowledge and passion, Heartspring hopes to expand our clientele to serve more children who are deaf or hard of hearing. <<700 KIDSOUR THERAPISTS5 MONTHS,SERVEDIN THE PASTMORE THANIn the past year, Pediatric Services has doubled the number of children receiving Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Services. With the help of full-time Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Isaacs and Board Certified Behavior Analyst Christina Hourani, more children are being diagnosed and served one-on-one with tutors. They are served at Heartspring, in their homes and in the community. Behavioral services now provides intensive individual supports to 33 children. These families are supported through private insurance, private pay, Kansas Autism Rider and Tri-care Autism Demonstration Program.MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.8
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