3FROM THE PRESIDENTTo our Heartspring supporters,This year has been a year of steady progress—a year that has propelled us toward our goals of providing innovative and advanced services to children with special needs.With the birth and assimilation of our new iPod data application, dubbed the Heartspring Technology Project, we have revolutionized our methods and opened doors to tremendous improvements for the individuals we serve. Each day, our staff collects an average of 20-to-30,000 pieces of data, pinpointing all aspects of each student’s day, including various behaviors, actions and completion of goals. This system, now completely ingrained in our educational and residential programs, allows for up-to-the-minute information available to each child’s team of psychologists, behavior specialists, medical staff, therapists and teachers, to analyze and better improve programming. This new technology has literally shaved off weeks that were previously dedicated to inputting hand-written tallies into a computer and has converted that time into hours available for direct care, as well as, analyzing and restructuring individual plans for more effective learning. Currently, this application is unique to the Heartspring School, but we hope to soon expand this system to our outreach programs and beyond. Our foundation has been built upon structured, evidence-based practices, and we continue to reevaluate and refine those methods. Heartspring’s updated strategic plan puts a stronger emphasis on our treatment philosophy and approach. While this includes the use of emerging practices such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and structured teaching, we will also have a dedicated focus on development and utilization of custom technologies, ensuring students and staff maximize learning opportunities. This plan looks to promote higher expectations, enhance training and increase accountability for our staff. Throughout this process, we hope to see greater efficiencies and quality assurances for our organization.As Heartspring moves forward as a leading organization of its kind, we remain indebted to our history and the underlying mission that began through our founding organization, the Institute of Logopedics. We owe much of our ambition to our roots—to the dedication and passion of Dr. Martin Palmer and those who came before us, who worked diligently to forge a brighter pathway for children with special needs. We continue to see the impact of their efforts, as members of our community still make contributions and leave legacies to keep his dream alive. It is with that same devotion to children of varying disabilities, that we expand and grow our services. We remain committed to providing the highest quality of therapies and services to the local, national and international children and families that need it the most.Thank you to our selfless donors, staff members and community for your ongoing support of Heartspring. Without you, the hundreds of children that seek our services would not have the opportunities available to them today. It is our endless hope that those doors of opportunity continue to be open; it is up to us to assure that happens.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D., President & CEO3
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