5After working at Heartspring for almost 10 years, I am excited to embark on a new journey. For the last several years, I have coordinated the international outreach programs at Heartspring, most notably the World Reach Teacher Exchange Program. In September, I was happy to merge our international endeavors with our admissions department for the school. This transition has been quite seamless and will hopefully allow for greater international outreach and a broader scope of services offered to others throughout the world. Throughout the past year, Heartspring has directly shared its mission to families and professionals in more than 15 countries. This includes traveling to foreign countries, spreading awareness in education for children with special needs, presenting at workshops and conferences, and hosting professionals from countries such as China, Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ukraine on the Heartspring campus.In addition this past year, we had three families from Nigeria, who have brought their young children to Heartspring’s Pediatric Services for several weeks of intensive outpatient evaluations, assessments and therapies. Heartspring partnered with several community organizations to help these children and families gain the tools for future success, and enhance their quality of life upon returning home. The lives that are changed, because of what we do at Heartspring, is something that I have the privilege of witnessing often. And it’s exciting to see this grow each year. I am thrilled to be at an organization that continues to make a difference in the lives of children—locally, nationally and worldwide!UNITING EFFORTSKristina Baker, Director of Admissions & OutreachCONTINUED OUTREACH<<(Far Left) Remi Odunsi, United Kingdom trained special educator and Nigerian consultant and Serwah Quaynor, founder of the Autism Awareness Care & Training (AACT) program in Ghana are pictured with Kristina Baker, Heartspring director of admissions & outreach. Remi and Serwah spent a few weeks at Heartspring for training and were inspired by the limitless possibilities for individuals with special needs. Information they learned will be applied to their own programs in Africa. (Left) Heartspring Executive Vice President of Operations Paul Faber and Kristina Baker (pictured with local translators) at an education fair in Samara, Russia promoting Heartspring’s services.
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