6This past year has been a year of change and new direction for Pediatric Services at Heartspring.With new health care initiatives at both state and national levels looming, Heartspring implemented a new electronic medical records system (EMR) to assist in the efficiency and management of our medical office records, documentation, billing and account management. Heartspring Pediatric Services served more than 800 children received occupational, physical and speech therapies, as well as audiological, psychological and behavioral services. Attributing to this growth was the addition of a full-time Doctorate Level Pediatric Psychologist, an Audiologist/Speech Therapist with a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist certification, a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and several tutors. Our service to children and families grew 20 percent during the last year.Assisting families with the cost of therapy services has also been an important part of Heartspring’s goal. Most insurance companies provide limited coverage for therapies for children with developmental delays. Through grants, fundraising and private donors, 184 children received more than a quarter of a million dollars in financial assistance for outpatient therapies. The Children’s Hearing Assistance Program also provided hearing aids and FM systems to children at a reduced cost after completing an application process. All families are eligible for a discount, if their insurance does not cover the child’s needed services.As we move forward, we intend to continue to grow services to children and families in our community and around the world. Our new therapeutic play area and treehouse, and international outreach initiatives will ensure this progress. PROGRESSENCOURAGINGKimberly BeckerDirector of Pediatric ServicesENVIRONMENT FOR GROWTH<<Heartspring’s dream of an outdoor therapeutic play area and treehouse is now a reality, thanks to the major support from donors, the contractor and subcontractors. We are especially grateful to the Kansas State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha for their lead gift in support of this project. To date, $97,466 has been contributed toward the project goal of $165,000. This outdoor space was essentially designed with elements that children experience in their own backyard. Therapists will utilize the space to assist children in transferring skills across environments.(Above) At only nine months, Annabelle underwent surgery for cochlear implants, an electronic device for the deaf and hard of hearing. Listening and spoken language therapy has helped develop her speech skills. And recently, Annabelle received a new FM system through our Children’s Hearing Assistance Program. It allows her to hear using a remote microphone, which transmits directly to her cochlear implants. She can now hear soft and distant speech and watch movies during a noisy car ride! Photo courtesy of Mindy Rae Photography for Lights on the Lake 2012
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