88MORE LIVESNEW LOOK. NEW LIGHTS. WILL CHANGE.ALWAYS PROGRESSING<<“Braelynn is the happiest girl around,” said Jana Cain, speech language pathologist. Jana uses Braelynn’s love of baby dolls to motivate her during therapy (pictured on the right).(Below) Braelynn smiles during one of her favorite activities, swinging, with Physical Therapist Cheryl Jabara. In the warmer months, Braelynn learns to ride a bike with some assistance.RESULTSOnce again, Heartspring’s annual holiday light display brought together the community under a common passion to help local children with special needs and their families. Thank you to the sponsors, donors and holiday light enthusiasts who made this event a success! Because of you, more children with special needs will be able to afford valuable therapies. Thank you for helping to change lives.$98,231RAISEDWILL PROVIDE:PHYSICAL, OCCUPATIONAL & SPEECH THERAPIESPSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICESBEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONTO LOCAL CHILDREN THROUGH THE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FUND.
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