3FROM THE PRESIDENTTo our Heartspring supporters,As we continue to move ahead with the Heartspring Technology Project, I am amazed by the impact and developments our data collection system has made in our school. Tens of thousands of pieces of data are collected each day, tracking everything from therapy goal progress to various goals and behaviors; it’s become imperative that our psychologists and behavior analysts have access to this surplus of information to better implement successful programming to our students. An exclusive benefit of our in-house data application, is the ability to adapt and customize its function to fit the unique needs of our residential school. We are able to gather feedback and cultivate ideas to optimize performance and efficiency. In the past year, updates have added invaluable features, such as, video models for student goals, better support for medications and upgraded analysis tools. We even created a separate iPod application, HS Capture, that allows staff members to take photos and videos of students and send them to professional staff for review. Our underlying goal remains the same and we continue to look for more effective ways to enhance our system with the best interests of our students in mind. No other organization like ours has such a comprehensive tool for collecting, analyzing and monitoring all aspects of a child’s life. Yet, as an organization driven by a need to lend all of our resources to the benefit of those with special needs, we are excited to share an extension of our internal data collection system to those who can utilize it. We are in the process of streamlining a separate application that could potentially alter the way data is collected and utilized throughout the world. This alternate version of our internal application is geared toward clinical settings for outpatient data tracking and recently, was expanded to Heartspring Pediatric Services. While the patent is pending, we are looking at the commercial viability of this app. It is our hope that this application can be available and easily accessible to those in our field.I cannot emphasize enough how significant technology has become in our programming. While we move forward in implementing and expanding both the internal and external data collection systems, I am eager to explore and pursue new avenues of technology to continue to find greater tools and adjuncts for the children with autism and developmental disabilities we serve.I am continually amazed by the amount of graciousness we receive from our community of supporters, and as the number of children impacted by various developmental disabilities grows, so does the need for your continued generosity. Because of you, Heartspring can continue to provide the resources that have proven priceless to the hundreds of children and families impacted by special needs within our community, throughout the nation and around the world. Thank you.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D., President & CEO3
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