4INNOVATIONIMPROVEMENTFROMTO <<DATAThis real-time data collection system is beneficial to both students and staff. This application has opened doors to better communication among team members, as valuable information is accessible by every staff member involved in a child’s daily life.The application is simple to use. Every aspect of a child’s day is easily tracked by a series of taps. The data is instantly processed and available for professional staff to analyze. With the implementation of the Heartspring Technology Project, valuable time is now available for direct care, improved analysis of each individual’s education plan and greater effectiveness in programming.<<HOW IT WORKSSELECT STUDENTAll students are listed with photos for easy selection for both school and residential staff to access.The Heartspring Technology Project has revolutionized how we collect and analyze data. Heartspring created this entire data collection system in-house. It’s customized to fit the school’s every need and can be continuously adapted. Similar applications are often created by outside agencies that do not necessarily work with the population we serve. Additionally, many competing apps are limited to track only basic behavior data or therapy goals. Heartspring’s data collection system encompasses all aspects of a student’s life. Suggestions and new ideas are often considered and added to our system. In the past year, more than 12 million data points were collected and more than 1.5 million goals were tracked.REAL-TIME DATA COLLECTION4
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