5COLLECTIONSTUDENT INFOMEDICATIONSTRACK BEHAVIORSTRACK GOALSUp-to-the-minute data is readily available for each child’s team of psychologists, behavior analysts, therapists, teachers and medical staff to analyze and better improve programming. Prior to this system, data was tracked by hand-written tally marks, which took weeks to enter into a computer. This process created “lag” time, where professionals were analyzing months-old data for student programming. The Heartspring Technology Project has improved efficiency and resulted in better programming for our students. << INSTANT RESULTSSTUDENT BEHAVIOR DATADay-to-day information is available for each student. Information from schedules to emergency contacts to student support plans are accessible through this app.Medical alerts remind staff to distribute medication. The app also adds an easy way to track what medications were given at what times. This digital documentation has replaced hours of paperwork.Multiple behaviors, like agression and self-injurious behavior, can be tracked with a simple tap. Positive behaviors are also tracked for communication/speech goals and successful prompts, among others.Staff can run and track various goals according to each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Professional staff can then access data to review progress over a period of time.
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