6ANADDING FLAVOR TO WORK<<Heartspring student Liam adds chocolate flavoring to a coffee order. The students handle all aspects of the on-campus “coffee shop,” which includes taking orders on an iPad, collecting money or processing credit card payments, making the coffee, adding special flavors and hand-delivering orders to customers.“Caffeine Connection has exceeded our expectations. We actually have students requesting to help out with it every week. The students are learning valuable skills and having fun while doing it!”Holli Steiner, MA, CCC-SLPSpeech Language PathologistEnergizing ENDEAVORCAFFEINE CONNECTIONLEARNING THE STEPS<<Heartspring student Dan works with Kara Gibson, occupational therapist, to follow the visual prompts to make coffee. Heartspring’s newest on-campus employment opportunity, The Caffeine Connection, is operated almost exclusively by the students. The “coffee shop”allows students the opportunity for a “real-life” job experience, where they work on communication, fine motor and social skills.Heartspring student Josh collects payment for a coffee order using an iPad application.
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