8HEARING CENTERAs the number of children receiving cochlear implants increases and technology improves, Heartspring Pediatric Services is working hard to keep up with the high demand for services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. With the help of Molly Lyon, MA, CCC-SLP, Heartspring Audiologist and LSLS Certified Therapist, we now offer cochlear implant mapping, auditory rehab and audiology services —allowing Heartspring the ability to offer all-encompassing therapeutic services for the convenience of families who often have to travel to distant cities for complete care.<<8EMPLOYEESPOTLIGHTDR. REBECCA ISAACS PH.D. PSYCHOLOGISTAfter two years working as Heartspring Pediatric Services’ Ph.D. Psychologist, one thing is clear—Dr. Rebecca Isaacs has a strong passion for the children she serves. Her jam-packed schedule includes everything from providing testing and diagnoses for children ages birth to 21 to conducting individual therapy services. She often refers and teams with other therapists, as well as, provides consultations to families, when appropriate.“Ninety-nine percent of my job is motivating the parents,” Dr. Isaacs said. Many times, her job entails the “bad news,” which includes letting the parents know the hard truth of their childrens’ diagnoses, advising them on what needs to be done and cheering them on as they undergo the trying journey ahead. Regardless of the situation, the main goal for Dr. Isaacs is to advocate for the best services for each child’s developmental needs. Some of the best services, she said, can be found with her counterparts at Heartspring. “I’ll put my money where my mouth is,” Dr. Isaacs said. Her nephew is on the spectrum and currently receives speech therapy at Heartspring—a service that Dr. Isaacs and her family have paid for out of pocket. Her confidence in the value for these services is unmistakable, as she also continues what she “preaches” at home. Dr. Isaacs and her husband have four adopted childen, two of which have special needs.Her dedication is also inspired by the rewarding experiences that accompany her job, such as, watching clients succeed. Sometimes, quick progress in unexpected and genuinely celebrated. “The parents are always so thankful.”PedalFest has been a critical fundraising event for Heartspring Pediatric Services for 10 years. Underinsured families from all over Kansas are able to access services for their children because of funds raised from this event. “It is exciting to see the number of people who ride so our children can improve and be successful in everyday activities,” Director of Pediatric Services, Kim Becker, said.PEDALING FOR KIDS<<10TH ANNIVERSARYJOIN US FOR PEDALFEST’S 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION AFTER THE RIDE(S) FOR PRIZES, LIVE MUSIC, LUNCH AND A BEER GARDEN. REGISTER AT PEDALFEST.ORG AND JOIN US IN RAISING FUNDS FOR THE CHILDREN OF HEARTSPRING PEDIATRIC SERVICES! 50K | 100K | 5-MILE FAMILY RIDE Saturday, AUGUST 24, 2013
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