2When I think of Heartspring, I think of light. This light —in the guise of opportunities for employment or education, feelings of accomplishment in therapy and even hope for a brighter future—shines on many families in such a unique way.My own family has been touched by this light. Our experience began years ago when one of my twin daughters was diagnosed with auditory dyslexia, which causes difficulties with distinguishing sounds, among other things. Like many parents in this situation, I immediately began searching for the services and guidance she would need to be the most successful. While she thrived in speech therapy, we noticed she was still struggling in school. The reason was evident; my daughter’s teacher didn’t know the protocol to best address her diagnosis. Something as simple as writing homework assignments on the board rather than calling them out, made a world of difference for her. There just wasn’t a plan in place. With the help and advice of therapists from Heartspring, we were able to implement a plan for the school and increase education for her needs among the professionals working with my daughter. Through my experience, the importance of awareness and education became clear. How many other children face barriers? It is our duty as parents and community members to create opportunities and learn how to make those appropriate adjustments to better serve children of all special needs. It’s remarkable what can happen when someone takes that education and turns it into something with tremendous impact. We have seen it in our international partnerships, specifically with autism-related services, where a mother, who has learned imperative skills from professionals at Heartspring, creates her own school, shares her knowledge and continues to build a greater awareness and advocacy never before seen in her country. Additionally, the recent outpouring of interest and willingness of our community to fill several positions on the Board of Trustees demonstrates the influence of this organization on a local level. I’m continually impressed by the successes Heartspring has experienced. As we move forward, my goal for this organization is to be well-positioned for the future, and continue to be innovative and dedicated to providing the best care to children of all abilities. Laurie LabarcaChairman of the Heartspring Board of TrusteesAdministrator - Hospital OperationsVia Christi Hospitals Wichita, Inc.LETTER FROM THE BOARDMembers of the Heartspring Board of Trustees at the 2013 Lights on the Lake launch party.<<2
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