7Each year at Heartspring, new triumphs are achieved, new relationships are built, new families and students are helped, and new hopes are realized. This past year, through the World Reach program, Heartspring has directly impacted and provided trainings to professionals from programs in Bermuda, China, India, Nigeria and Uganda. Some of these professionals came to the Heartspring campus, while others received trainings in their home country. Our organization’s reputation has also flourished. Thanks to our ongoing relationship with our sister school program the Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism in Beijing, China and other continued partnerships, Heartspring’s services and successes are being shared across the globe, increasing interest in our international trainings. In February 2013, a special education professor from The National Taitung University in Taiwan made a short visit to our campus after hearing about us from a friend who attends the University of Kansas and volunteered as a translator for the Chinese Delegation in 2012. This professor was so impressed with Heartspring that she plans to bring six-to-eight students and a colleague from The National Taitung University to Heartspring for hands-on training and practical experience in July 2014. This trip will be partially funded by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. The extent of how far Heartspring’s services can reach continues to amaze me. Every day, Heartspring’s mission touches the lives of children with special needs and it’s an honor to be a part of this legacy.GOING THEKristina BakerDirector of Admissions & OutreachDISTANCENEW DISCOVERIES<<Each year, Heartspring hosts a delegation from China through a partnership with the Stars and Rain Education Institute for Autism. The program provides training and resources to individuals from all around China, many of whom are parents of children with autism and/or founders of their local organizations for autism-related services. Visiting the school allows them to see Heartspring’s evidence-based practices in action—providing a true learning experience they can take back to their home organizations.(Top) Visitors from China observe a classroom’s small group activity. (Above) Heartspring Music Teacher Verlene Warner demonstrates how to use some of the instruments available in her classroom.
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