8Kimberly BeckerDirector of Pediatric Services$159,649IN FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE195FAMILIESH EL P EDIN FISCAL YEAR 2013,The last fiscal year has been one of change and growth for Pediatric Services. We have added therapists to all service areas and increased the number of children we serve. We also awarded $159,649 in financial assistance to 195 families to help alleviate some of the costs of therapies. We’ve worked incessantly to expand in the area of applied behavior analysis by adding a board certified behavior analyst and two assistant behavior analysts to better serve the high demand for this service.We are driven to offer the best assistance to children and families in all aspects by providing resources and training throughout the year. Parent Information and Training workshops equip families and professionals with valuable information on a variety of subjects related to teaching and working with children who have special needs. These sessions are free and available to the public on a monthly basis. Additionally, the pediatric services professional staff members have also visited other organizations, schools, church groups and university classes to present on a wide-range of topics.Completion of the Heartspring Treehouse and Therapeutic Play Area has increased our ability to serve children in a more natural setting. Therapists are able to teach children and families how to generalize skills learned in a more natural outdoor environment. Our next goal is to certify this space as an “outdoor classroom.”As we move forward, our goal for the next year is to expand telemedicine training, services and clinics for families in remote areas, or areas in which services are unavailable. We are excited to continue to provide intensive individual services to a variety of children from Kansas and beyond.GROWTHMAKINGROOM FORCHALLENGE CONQUERED<<Donors rose to the challenge to contribute $2,200 to qualify for a matching grant from the Wichita Community Foundation and the Victor Murdock Fund. A total of $4,400 was donated to Heartspring Pediatric Services AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Library, which provides communication devices that enhance or supplement a child’s natural speech. Thank you to the overwhelming support provided by our generous donors and the Wichita community.
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