3FROM THE PRESIDENTTo our Heartspring supporters,Our organization’s eagerness and thirst for new technology continues to emerge and impact our community. In regards to our ever-expanding data collection application, the testing that was carried into the Heartspring Pediatric Services department proved successful and invaluable for our behavior analysts. The patent for this project is currently in its final stages and will soon be implemented on select coding within the data collection process. While we continue to invest in improved technology, we have also maintained the search for new avenues to better serve our population. One of our newest ventures is our research with NAO Humanoids—robots that are fully programmable to interact with children with autism. These intiatives have garnered quite a bit of recognition, both locally and nationally—from our local newspaper to a nationally-distributed autism magazine. The shared interest has been incredible and we are appreciative of the tremendous support. Recently, the outpouring of interest and willingness to create partnerships has taken our ambitions to the next level. There has been discussion to trial new technology at our campus, including Telepresence Robots and an Android multi-touch platform introduced by an individual on the autism spectrum. We find so much value in creating these relationships and watching them flourish. One of our ongoing partners, Kansas State University’s School of Engineering, recently reached out to us to further some of their research for individuals with autism and disabilities —they’re designing and creating new technologies that could make a large impact in the future. We are honored to have this opportunity to work with them.Our focus has been and always will be guiding families and individuals impacted by special needs to a path toward greater independence through effective and evidence-based practices. With that vision in mind, Heartspring’s Pediatric Services has expanded significantly in the past few years to accomodate the ongoing need for services in our community. We have seen a tremendous growth in behavior services, such as Applied Behavior Analysis, and a growing number of military families benefiting from those services through our organization. We are proud to provide imperative services to the one in 68 individuals and families impacted by autism in the Wichita and surrounding communities. As the number of individuals diagnosed with autism continues to grow, a new movement begins—with revised legislation, increased awareness and better opportunities. We’ve seen our community come together firsthand with the record-breaking success of the 7th annual Autism CARE Walk, where approximately 4,000 autism advocates raised $101,012 for the Heartspring CARE Program and autism awareness. We specifically would like to thank Kansas’ Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D., and his accompanying group of autism advocates and state representatives for a momentous ceremonial presentation of the House Bill 2744 at the Autism CARE Walk. This bill will undoubtedly change the lives of the many individuals and families impacted by autism spectrum disorders in our community by expanding insurance coverage for their benefit. It has been a pleasure for us, as an organization, to be able to celebrate and work together with so many supporters who join us in our mission of forging a brighter path for children with special needs. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to guide and provide these essential therapies and services that remain imperative to the success of our children.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D.Gary W. Singleton, Ph.D., President & CEO3
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