55AUTOMATIC SPEECH RECOGNITIONEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, KoreanIMAGE SENSING CAMERASTwo advanced cameras on the front, allowing the NAO Humanoid robot full interaction capabilities. With face detection software, the robot can detect and learn a face and recognize it the next time it sees it. The robot also has the capacity to recognize a large quantity of objects.SOUND DETECTION & LOCALIZATIONThe NAO Humanoid robot comes equipped with microphones all around his head, allowing the ability to detect and localize sounds around him.NAO HUMANOID FEATURESROBOT RESEARCH INITIATIVES<<After the initial buzz of positive responses with utilizing NAO Humanoid robots in therapy with children with autism, Heartspring is developing research protocols of its own. Behavior specialists in Pediatric Services have spent some time observing clients’ interactions with the robot versus interactions with a human in the outpatient setting. Observation has been primarily focused on greetings and the consistency of the greetings before and after introducing the robot. Research will be done in a reading group, as well. The study will analyze if the clients’ interest and learning abilities improve when a robot reads a book to them, rather than when a human reads the book. Additionally, a program for anger management is in the works to be utilized in Heartspring’s therapeutic residential school.KEY BENEFITS FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM - Fully programmable with state-of-the-art software for customized games and goals for clients - Motivating & attention-grabbing - Helps with imitation, compliance skillsNATIONAL RECOGNITION& CONTINUING OPPORTUNITIESHeartspring’s new robot research garnered national attention after being featured in Wichita’s local newspaper in an article by The Wichita Eagle’s Kelsey Ryan. News has spread across the nation to places like Oklahoma, Washington, California, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and even Alaska. The article was recently featured in Autism Spectrum Quarterly magazine (pictured), a national resource for autism news. The article can be viewed by visiting the following link: http://www.asquarterly.com/issues/25/articles/247.The attention has notably opened a lot of doors to collaborations with universities and other organizations working to find out more about what the NAO robot and other technologies can do for children with special needs.‘‘‘‘THE ROBOT HAS OPENED UP SO MANY DOORS FOR US IN TERMS OF COLLABORATION AND RESEARCH. IT’S OUR JOB TO FIND THE MOST EFFECTIVE PROGRAMMING POSSIBLE FOR THE CHILDREN WE SERVE.KIMBERLY BECKERDirector of Pediatric Services
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