6New to Heartspring’s Parent Weekend this year, was a new activity—skating at Carousel Skate in west Wichita. For the first time, many Heartspring School parents got to witness their kids participating in an activity that they weren’t able to do prior to attending the Heartpsring School program.PARENTsPROUDGLIDING TOWARD SUCCESSPARENT WEEKEND SKATE PARTYParents got to watch students sing, dance and play instruments at the annual Parent Weekend music program. The program included student solos, songs performed by Heartspring’s choir group, the Choral Sensations, and a dance to Pharell’s “Happy.”SHOWSTOPPING ACTS<<Heartspring’s student-run “coffee shop” was available exclusively for parents during Parent Weekend. Some parents got to taste and witness their children working in a “real-life” work environment for the first time. The students take orders, collect payment, brew and deliver coffee to guests.THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE<<The Heartspring School’s Parent Weekend is one of the most eventful times of the year for staff, students and families. Parents are able to see the progress their children have made during this time, as they participate in various activities as a family, watch a musical performance and enjoy a night of dancing at the annual school prom.
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