2Imagine being at your wit’s end, unsure of where to look, who to turn to, what to do, or how to help your child succeed in an environment not equipped to do so. And imagine—in this state of helplessness—what it’s like to finally find your answer, in your own backyard. I hear these stories in different forms, one after another, of families that had lost all hope, finding their way to Heartspring and for the first time, realizing that there are people out there who are more than willing to help change their lives for the better—and more importantly, watching their loved ones progress in ways they’d never thought possible.Heartspring is a gem within the Wichita community, not only providing services for families and children impacted by special needs, but also inspiring our community through awareness and advocacy.You can feel compassion, encouragement and determination by simply walking through its doors. My personal experience with the organization started in 2001, when I had the opportunity to tour the campus. Heartspring is a world-class facility with services so unique to our region. And after seeing what goes on within these walls, I am deeply inspired to help in this mission to guide individuals toward greater independence. Since then, I’ve remained involved through special events like PedalFest and Lights on the Lake. Now, as a member of the board, I am continually learning about what Heartspring has to offer and its limitless potential. Unlike many of my colleagues, I am not a parent, grandparent or relative of a child with special needs. Instead, I serve solely as a witness to the profound difference Heartspring can make for so many individuals.Heartspring staff is determined to continue the success of its programs. As the chair of the development committee, it is my personal goal to help bring more community awareness to this organization. I encourage you, our supporters, to do the same. Heartspring’s services are so crucial to hundreds of families in our area; it’s our duty to share its legacy and certify its ongoing success. Kim GattisHeartspring Board of TrusteesUMB BankLETTER FROM THE BOARD2Kim Gattis
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