6CRAFTING A BUSINESS<<With the help of her teacher and staff, Alishianna makes and sells special magnets in her own business, “Alishianna Rocks!” The magnets, made with circular crystals, feature an assortment of images staff and supporters can choose from. The funds from this project provides support for Alishianna for community outings and other opportunities she may otherwise not have access to.ENDLESSA SELFLESS FAMILY<<Oftentimes, Heartspring students move from other states away from their families to access the intensive school program that Heartspring provides. When Ammar (center) came to Heartspring, his younger brother, Raheel, wanted to support him in any way he could. For his birthday, Raheel asked all of his party guests and family to donate to Heartspring instead of buying him gifts. Raheel was able to raise a total of $1,000 for Heartspring in honor of his brother!Every day, parents from all around the United States entrust us with the care and guidance of their sons and daughters. And every day, we are honored to provide the opportunities and growth that these children deserve on their journey toward independence. We are successful with the help of our dedicated staff and the support of a compassionate community. Their efforts bring light to Heartspring students and allow for endless opportunities to become realities.It’s because of you, our supporters, that our students can stand before us and sing and dance in our annual holiday program. This performance is truly an example and celebration of the hard work of our staff and students. For our parents to be able to witness their children perform before an audience, fully participating in the program, is a blessing most people take for granted. It’s a feat that brings parents to tears—and I am truly grateful to be a witness to amazing moments like these.I cannot emphasize enough how proud I am of our students’ achievements. Two of our students have become entrepreneurs this past year, with flourishing businesses. Edgar sells custom hair bows, pinback buttons, and accessories through “Buttons & Bows,” while Alishianna makes and sells decorative crystal rock magnets through “Alishianna Rocks!” Both students set up their businesses on the Heartspring campus each week, allowing them opportunities to work on communication and business skills. They have both expanded their sales to the Wichita community as well, recently selling their goods at the Heartspring & KWCH 12 Christmas Parade. The lessons they are learning are invaluable to their future success, and I am thrilled to watch them both blossom in their roles. On behalf of myself and the Heartspring School staff, I would like to thank you for the continued support and your belief in our program. We look forward to continuing the success for years to come. OPPORTUNITYStephen PerryDirector of Educational Services
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