7Providing quality services to our students is a team effort. It takes a dedicated staff and a generous community of support to bring opportunities for our students to life.I cannot describe what the feeling is like to watch a staff member patiently teach a student a new skill, watching a group play a spirited game of Uno or even swinging on the playground. They are reminders that the learning never stops at our organization, because in many cases, these skills and leisure activities weren’t possible for the students prior to Heartspring.Heartspring Residential Services is focused on the effective execution of the goals and programs provided by our psychologists and therapists. Community participation is a large part of those plans. We frequently visit the grocery store, hair salon, restaurants, the local zoo and wildlife park and Botanica, the Wichita Gardens. It is wonderful that Wichita is such a welcoming and involved community for individuals with special needs. These experiences are made possible by the generous donations of our supporters, local organizations, businesses and parents. It’s been exciting to watch several students transition and thrive in their adult placements this year. While we miss working with them on a daily basis, it’s reassuring for us to know that Heartspring had a part in their continued success. We also welcomed 11 new residential students in 2014. It’s been a pleasure to get to know these individuals and families and begin helping them write this new chapter of their lives. As always, I want to thank all of the families for entrusting us with their children. We look forward to 2015 and the challenges, rewards and accomplishments it will bring.LEARNING EXPERIENCESKeith RobinsonDirector of Residential ServicesBRIGHTER SMILES<<Delta Dental of Kansas generously donated 576 toothbrush kits to the children, students and families of Heartspring. Each kit included a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, and helped promote oral health education and teach the practice of good oral health techniques. According to the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center’s 2011 Resource Guide, oral health care is the most prevalent unmet health care need among the over 13 percent of U.S. children ages 17 and under with special health care needs. Heartspring has long promoted the practice of excellent oral health among children served. In 2013, the Heartspring School was awarded the Outstanding Organization of the Year for Dental Excellence by Oral Health Kansas for its efforts to ensure the oral health of Heartspring School students. DENTAL KITS<<Delta Dental of Kansas’ donation to Heartspring also provided an opportunity for students in the residential school to package and prepare the kits through the Heartspring Workshop Training program. This program helps students learn skills necessary to successfully transition into similar work experiences after completion of the Heartspring program. The students are able to work with real businesses in the Wichita community on a volunteer basis, helping businesses assemble or package items while simultaneously learning invaluable skills.
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