3It is an exciting time at Heartspring!This past year has brought incredible possibility as we seek to create hope and opportunity to change the lives of children with special needs and their families. We continue to welcome new children into our programs, and each day we see tremendous success in their lives.As the new CEO, I have the privilege of getting to know the Heartspring team, our supporters, the children we serve and their families. I’m amazed by the dedication of our team and the knowledge, skill and compassion they bring to their work. I cannot thank our supporters enough for the gracious and loving welcome they have shown me. The special moments I spend with our families serve as a personal reminder of the impact we are making. Heartspring’s team approach, and the collective work of our families, supporters and partners, creates opportunities for children to achieve more than anyone ever thought possible.Together we give children a place to belong. A place where they aren’t looked down on or made to feel different from everyone else. A place where they have the freedom to learn and develop without judgment. Together we are rebuilding families. Where there was once fear and uncertainty, there is now hope and joy. Families are celebrating breakthroughs. Parents are provided relief and encouragement. Siblings are building bonds that were once thought impossible. Together we are shattering limitations. Children are walking when specialists told them they would never stand. Communicating when they were told they would never have a voice. Graduating high school when they were told they would never even read.Together we are changing lives. Together we are Heartspring.David StupayHeartspring President & CEOFROM THEPresidentVALUESHEARTSPRINGFriends,EXCELLENCECELEBRATIONLEADERSHIPSERVICEPOSSIBILITYINTEGRITYDavid Stupay
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