6One of our main goals at Heartspring School is to prepare students for the rest of their lives by putting them on a path to greater independence. One way we do that is by getting them involved in the Wichita community where they can learn additional life and social skills. One option to get students into the community is our off-campus group homes. Students can branch out and learn how to live more independently. We opened a new group hom in fall 2015, our second off-campus group home.“All of our students are going to transition back to their communities, whether it is back to their family homes or into adult programs, and we need to give them as many opportunities as we can,” Julie Noller, division director of Heartspring schools, said.We’ve also increased the number of activities and community partnerships Heartspring offers. Most recently, students learned about zoo animals and even fed rhinoceroses through the Newman University Student Service program at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Students also worked with Central Christian Academy to shoot off water bottle rockets on the Heartspring campus. Both of these outings were valuable learning experiences for our students. They got a chance to interact with people from the community and develop appropriate social skills for new settings.We are thrilled to have these meaningful opportunities for the students we serve. With each new adventure comes a greater sense of confidence and independence.CommunityConnectionsMAKINGTop: Trent feeds a rhino on a school trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo.Bottom: Ammar shows off the water bottle rocket he made.
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