9Fighters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are big and tough, like warriors in Hollywood movies or on the football field; however, the strongest fighters may not look strong from the outside. They may weigh 20 pounds and not be able to walk or talk, but their internal strength and their will makes them mighty. Real fighters look like Camden and Caiden. “They have been fighting since the day they were born,” Nicole, their mother said. In their short lives, the twin boys have had to overcome more obstacles than many do in their lifetime. Camden and Caiden were born at 24 weeks, both weighing less than two pounds. Caiden was in the hospital for the first three and a half months of his life, while Camden was there for eight months. Camden was also transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City because of his lung function. “It was definitely scary,” Nicole said. “We had our good days. We had our bad days. The bad days were really, really bad.”Once they were out of the hospital, the boys had complicated medical needs. Camden and Caiden were limited in their mobility and ability to sit up by themselves. They resisted tummy time and didn’t use their hands to pick up toys. The boys made it through the first fight of their lives, but now they had to prepare for whatever might CAMDEN & CAIDEN— NICOLECamden and Caiden’s motherTHEY HAVE BEEN FIGHTING SINCE THE DAY THEY WERE BORN.
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