3Together we made this one of our best years ever. And we know that together we will ensure that the best is yet to come. We value excellence in all that we do; an excellence that produces measurable outcomes for the people that we serve. We rely heavily on data, and continually monitor our programs to ensure that we are producing optimal outcomes for the people that we serve. The results are amazing. The improved test scores, reduced behaviors, goals reached and satisfied parents, are all testimonies to the awesome impact we are making in the lives of the children and families that come to us for support.One outcome we produce can’t be measured, but it can be felt, heard, and shared. The smiles, the laughter, the cheers and celebration, are all tangible signs of the most remarkable outcome of Heartspring: joy. Heartspring’s campus is overflowing with it. There is an unspeakable joy in a toddler taking their first step after months of physical therapy, a mother hearing their child say I love you for the first time after years of not being able to speak, a teenager with autism making their first friend after prolonged loneliness, and a student graduating and finding satisfying employment after a life wondering how they will find meaning and purpose. Together, our donors, volunteers, parents and team members make these success stories happen.Together we are bringing joy to our children and their families.Together we are changing lives.Together we are Heartspring.David StupayHeartspring President & CEOFROM THEPresidentFriends,David Stupay
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