5In addition to their classroom work, students will also have the chance to complete both school-based and community-based internships. On campus, they can participate in different work around Heartspring, such as delivery and recycling jobs. This can prepare students to take the next step, which is working in the community. Community-based internships not only give students the chance to practice their skills in a real-world setting, it also allows them to learn valuable social skills and work etiquette. Heartspring will work with local businesses to get students the jobs and volunteer opportunities they need to grow. All of these experiences, both on campus and in the community, create opportunities for students to try a variety of vocational tasks. In turn, students can find what suits their interests and skill set, and work to master those specific skills, setting them up for a more independent, successful future when they transition from Heartspring. “In CIE, we find our students’ different strengths, and we build on them. Our goal is for our students to leave here, and be able to go into the community, take the skills that we have helped them develop and find meaningful employment.” GLENDACIE ParaeducatorDomestic Area “My favorite memory is when one of the classrooms came over to CIE for the first few days and completed different domestic tasks. They were so excited about it. I’ve never seen more energetic sweeping and dusting. They really enjoyed it. I remember thinking ‘wow, this is really awesome.’” ALISONCIE ParaeducatorClerical and Office Area“This program will have a tremendous impact on their lives. CIE allows our students the opportunity to earn a competitive wage and be able to use those same skills in their personal lives.”TALEACIE ParaeducatorPackaging and Assembly and ClericalHeartspring student Alishianna works on data input in the office area of the CIE program.
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