9Heartspring has some new and exciting educational technology in our classrooms. In February, we added a SMART Table, giving our teachers one more tool to use to educate the children we serve. The touch technology gives students a different way to learn, and teachers can use the table to supplement their curriculums and engage children in a new way. The SMART Tables come with more than 1,500 ready-made activity packs to help students at all levels learn academic, vocational, communication and social skills. They appeal to a variety of learning styles and cognitive levels, and, because there are so many applications available, teachers have a new avenue to individualize lessons for each student. The SMART Table also allows students to practice working as a group, rather than just working one-on-one with their paraeducators.“This gives us the opportunity to work on all of the social skills that we are trying to teach them, things like cooperation, teamwork or taking turns,” Shawn Pearson said. “When you gather them at the table, they have to work together to complete a project.”Heartspring plans on adding more SMART Tables to its classrooms and exploring different options for therapy areas. SMART TABLESAmmar and his family at the family photo session during Heartspring Prom.Marixsa and her mom share a tender moment during Heartspring Prom.
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