A Bi-Monthly Blog with Nicole McLain, Director of Autism Services.

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The Cry Room (2016/09/02)

We all find our place to escape life challenges and obstacles hopefully as often as we find spaces in which we celebrate life successes and progress. Both places are entirely necessary for our progression through life. I spent many days of my life crying for many reasons and I am not ashamed to admit that. It’s these life events, circumstance... READ MORE


Bricks and Mortar (2016/08/05)

It was this time last year we heard the news.  I returned home from a hot summer day drenched in sweat from running around with the children who attended Camp SSTAR. I couldn’t wait to sit and gulp down an ice-cold glass of water and think about nothing for a few minutes before I redirected my thinking to home life. As I entered into o... READ MORE


Guest Blog: Preparing for the Fourth (2016/07/01)

Holidays are something that so many people look forward to, a break from our normal routines. There are parties, seldom-seen relatives, special foods and traditions that come with holidays. Children impacted by autism or other developmental disabilities face challenges around holidays for the same reasons that others in their family look forward to... READ MORE


Guest Blog: When We Must Park Our Other Worries and Needs to Care for Our Children Impacted by Autism (2016/06/16)

Imagine the experience of a family dealing with a child being hospitalized. Typically, kind-hearted individuals offer to care for the other children so the parents can spend time at the hospital with the one who is ill. Meals are brought to their house. Kind and positive thoughts are expressed. Overall, the network that surrounds the family will re... READ MORE


Nicole McLain


Nicole McLain is the director of Heartspring’s Autism Services programs. She has years of experience working with children with special needs in the classroom, community, within family homes and in therapeutic environments. Her last job was as program director at a South Carolina school where she developed and managed programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Helping families find resources, learn and grow and assisting children reach their goals and aspirations in life are amongst her top career objectives. Nicole has lived and studied ASD across the country, but is originally a Kansas girl from Beloit.


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