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The Holiday Wrench (2015/10/30)

The holidays are fast approaching and this means that a shift in regularity becomes a paramount concern for families of those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  Recently we received a question from a parent that addresses this very issue.  Question From Parent:  My child, who has been diagnosed with autism, has a really ... READ MORE


Acronym Decoder (2015/10/15)

As promised in the previous post, I am excited to help you decode the many and frequently used acronyms in the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders. While the list is extensive, it certainly is not all-encompassing, so if you have specific questions about an abbreviation you don’t find here or want more information on what each of these mean, p... READ MORE


The IEP Tool Belt (2015/09/30)

When building a home, we must all equip ourselves with the necessary tools to make the structure sound and sustainable.  Assembling that tool belt and understanding when it is best to use the tools is a must when entering into the world of all things related to education.  Today, I want to introduce you to the basic tools needed for an In... READ MORE


The Diagnosis Wall (2015/09/14)

Over the past few years, I have picked up my hammer and started knocking down walls. Walls built around the insecurities of my childhood, adolescence and young adult life. Some of the walls are made of the basics, sheetrock and wood. Others are composed of concrete. The peer squabbles, the not-so-fun feeling of struggle with a subject or class mate... READ MORE


Nicole McLain


Nicole McLain is the director of Heartspring’s Autism Services programs. She has years of experience working with children with special needs in the classroom, community, within family homes and in therapeutic environments. Her last job was as program director at a South Carolina school where she developed and managed programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Helping families find resources, learn and grow and assisting children reach their goals and aspirations in life are amongst her top career objectives. Nicole has lived and studied ASD across the country, but is originally a Kansas girl from Beloit.


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