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Over the past year, CARE has really developed a solid relationship with the Applied Behavior Analysis team on campus, and we recently joined efforts in making a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  The ABA team has helped CARE train parents, evaluate behavior of children, present to the community and so much more. We wanted to take a minute to introduce each of our “extended family” members to you as we welcome them in our home at CARE.

Allyson Bell, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Autism Specialist and Safe and Positive Approaches Instructor

I have a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis. I started working with children with autism as a lifeguard. I taught swim lessons to those who were affected by autism spectrum disorder, and then my passion continued into my undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas when I started implementing ABA goals with a child on Ft. Leavenworth whose family changed my life. This little girl and her family convinced me that this was my calling because their child had an instant rapport with me. When I’m not working with children with autism, I have a smart, funny, crazy little two-year-old boy!

Ashley Bennett, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Autism Specialist

I truly enjoy teaching others about the science of applied behavior analysis. I have a Master of Science in Psychology with a specialization in applied behavior analysis.  My favorite parts of my job at Heartspring are playing with the clients I serve and providing supervision to the behavior technicians both in and out of therapy sessions. During my down time, I love taking my family out to zoos, lakes, ballgames and even some geocaching.

Janelle Arnold, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I am passionate about providing early intervention services to children with autism. I have a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis in autism. What motivates me each day is seeing the progress and accomplishments of the children I work with. Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and baby girl!

Erin Coym, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Autism Specialist

I have a passion for working with children and watching as they see their world change and grow. I have two masters: educational leadership and special education. I am a licensed Kansas teacher in special education. For the last 11 years, I was a special education teacher. I love keeping up with research. I have two children and enjoy reading.

Natasha Inman, Autism Specialist


I have a passion for seeing behavior analysis in action and changing the lives of those I have served for nearly 10 years now. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my work week. I have my master’s in criminal justice with a focus on applied behavior analysis and am completing the current requirements to become a board certified behavior analyst. I love teaching and encouraging language in children, conducting assessments and providing parent education. In my spare time, I enjoy being silly and making memories with my four-year-old son.

Mindy Brockmeyer, Autism Specialist


I have my Masters of Education in the area of early child special education. At Heartspring, I am motivated by the progress I see in the children I serve. My areas of interest are parent training, early intervention and play skills. Outside of Heartspring, I enjoy spending time with my family.  We enjoy learning about all the fun things to do in Wichita, since we moved here in July from Nebraska.


Desiree Andrews, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst


I am continuing my education for my master’s degree in psychology with emphasis in applied behavior analysis. I enjoy developing behavior goals to assist children with developing new independent and social skills. I also enjoy training staff to build rapport with children so their therapy sessions are more successful. It’s nice to have a career that I enjoy. My Heartspring co-workers are like family!


If you have time, make sure to take time to get to know these wonderful family members and the direct care staff that make our Heartspring home one where comfort and acceptance is key. 



Published 2016/03/28 by Nicole McLain
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