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Meet Our Team

Ashley Bennett

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Ashley’s career and interest in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) started with her love of science. In college, she took a psychology elective called “Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis.” She says she was hooked from there. Her journey to working with children impacted with autism followed a series of baby steps. She was hired by a family with two children on the autism spectrum as an individual support provider (ISP). How the family fought every day to make a difference in the children’s lives inspired her. This experience motivated her to pursue a career in ABA and, eventually, work towards her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification.

Ashley has worked in a number of environments as both an ISP and, eventually, as a BCBA including private non-profit companies. As part of her duties she helped develop and run the first center for one company she worked for. There, she served children impacted by autism during the summer. The center conducted one-on-one ABA services and met up for group activities. In 2013, she came to Heartspring as a BCBA.

Since coming to Heartspring, she’s found another passion in addition to helping children gain independence. She loves teaching others about ABA and helping future BCBA’s grow and learn. She believes every child should have access to the medical services they need and is trying to do her part here at Heartspring by supporting and guiding her coworkers in their career goals. She has also taken this passion to inform others to an international level. She went with Heartspring to China to teach parents, professionals and educators about ABA. They spoke at the annual autism conference in China and conducted training throughout the country.

Ashley attended the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts conference in Seattle where she was able to hear Brian Iwata talk about functional analysis. She learned about utilizing ABA to treat feeding disorders and applying ABA principles to business practices.

Ashley has a Bachelor of General Studies with a Specialization in Applied Behavioral Analysis from the University of Kansas and a Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis from Kaplan University. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her “nerdy” interests with her family. They spend family time at comic conventions, reading Harry Potter, playing games and exploring nature.


Meet Our Team

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