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Meet Our Team

Marie Robinson

Teacher, Master's + 15

Marie Robinson’s interest in working with children with special needs began when her daughter was not responding to sounds or voices. Her journey to a teaching career was inspired and guided by taking on the role of a teacher as she accepted that her young daughter did not hear. Marie found herself in a world she had not grown-up in and had never experienced. So the role of learning the deaf culture and teaching her daughter were the experiences that inspired her to go into the special education field. But it wasn’t easy. She was 30 years old at the time, had three children and had to drive two hours a day just to get to and from class. Marie didn’t let that stop her. She was determined. Marie earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Emporia State University and a master’s in special education from Kansas State University.

Once she earned her degrees she began teaching. She taught at USD 475- Geary County School District as an early childhood special education teacher and as a Head Start lead teacher.  Her career also took her to the small town of Longton, Kansas as an early childhood special education teacher and early childhood teacher. Marie made a career change to get closer to her home near Herington and accepted a position with 259 Wichita Public schools.  During her time with the Wichita Public schools, she work at Levi Special Day School, Mead Middle School and at Clark Elementary.

Marie then moved to Heartspring in 2015.  She really excels in finding new, creative ways to teach her students their lessons, whether it is learning social studies through bingo or science through planting flowers. Marie believes that if learning is fun then children really do learn better.

On the weekends, Marie enjoys returning to the farm near Herington. She enjoys landscaping the farm with numerous garden beds of roses, lilies and various other flowers.  About three years ago, during the summer evenings and the wintertime, Marie started writing literatures about her life experiences. Within her writing she balances writing about the journey of having a child who is impacted by profound hearing loss and those fun and humorous events of life the bring laughter to us. In addition, Marie finds time to spend with grandchildren and especially enjoys evening outings such as going to the movies. 

Meet Our Team

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