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Meet Our Team

Megan Swett

Director of Residential Clinical Services

School Psychologist Megan Swett has been a part of the Heartspring team since 2003. She began her career as a home paraeducator while she was going to school for psychology. She connected with the students from day one. It felt like a family. She realized how much trust and responsibility paraeducators had in the students’ lives and how much they impact the students on a day-to-day basis. In just a year, she was promoted to the lead para position in a home, where she learned valuable leadership skills. As she advanced in her studies she was moved to the psychology department and as a behavior specialist and, eventually, took on her current role of school psychologist. Heartspring supported her academic endeavors through different scholarships. She says that her experience as a paraeducator helps her in her job now, making it easier to relate to current paraeducators so she can make sure she is doing everything possible to support them.

Megan is always looking for ways to create opportunities for the students at Heartspring. Megan has created and worked in a number of programs that focus on the important social skills many students need. She began Girls Group and Boys Group. Both groups give students the chance to interact while playing games, participating in activities and going on social outings. Because of these groups, the students are able to create bonds and improve their communication. They learn valuable lessons in social etiquette like eye contact, active engagement, identifying and expressing emotions and much more. Megan is also a leader in Anger Busters. This program uses different activities and games to teach students new ways to control their anger, practice taking turns, problem solving, communicating, seeing others’ perspectives and following expectations.

Megan’s work at Heartspring has gotten national attention. In 2015, Megan and a colleague spoke at a conference in Chicago, “Supporting Special Education Programs Across All School Settings.” They gave a lecture on the importance of treatment integrity, how it can be done and how it can be adapted to different environments like public schools. Megan has also used conferences as an opportunity to learn, herself. She’s attended many events in the past four years including the Association for Behavior Analysis’ International Annual Convention.

Megan also works as a school psychologist for the Mulvane School District. She has a master’s in educational psychology and a specialist in school psychology from Wichita State. In her free time, Megan enjoys running. She’s completed several ultra marathons.


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