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Meet Our Team

Sarah Base

Admissions Coordinator

Admissions Coordinator Sarah Base is often the first contact for families looking for help with their sons or daughters. She works with schools, families, and various professionals to bring students into the Heartspring School where they can learn the tools they need to lead more independent lives. The process can be very difficult for parents and guardians and Sarah helps them navigate through the search for the right services. She enjoys seeing the transformations families and students make while they are part of the Heartspring community from the first phone call to the last day on campus.

Sarah’s interest in working with children with special needs began in her childhood when she spent time volunteering in her mother’s special education classroom. In high school, she began providing in-home respite care for a girl with special needs. From those experiences, she knew she wanted to build a career around working with children with special needs. She looked into different types of careers, but found her passion in administration, helping guide families to the resources they need. Sarah has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Pittsburg State University providing a science-based insight into different diagnoses when talking with families.

Since coming to Heartspring, Sarah has taken on a number of responsibilities including organizing international visits, coordinating visits for medical residents, and Family Weekend which allows parents the chance to have fun and spend time with their children and learn what is new at Heartspring.

In her free time Sarah enjoys seeing shows, going to the movies, reading and spending time with her family.


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