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Campus Expansion


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G10 — Our new group home will serve 12 more children and their families. G10 features a new open floor plan, designed to foster student safety and independence.

Pediatric / Autism Services Addition — We will expand and streamline our services to address the need for the therapies and interventions we provide for children.

Cafeteria — Our cafeteria remodel and expansion increases our seating capacity from 56 to 84 individuals. It will also feature a streamlined design, planned with our students in mind.

Group Home Remodel — We will be updating our six on-campus group homes to better meet our students’ needs and give them their best possible home at Heartspring.

CIE & Music Building — By moving these two programs to a new area specifically designed for them, we will open up space for three additional classrooms.

Expanding Possibilities

Heartspring is a lifeline to the children and families who rely on us for support. We remain a premier provider of services for children with special needs, both locally and nationally. Our programs have grown steadily since moving into our campus in 1998. We have maximized the use of all of our spaces, but the need for our services continues to grow.

Families, filled with fear and anxiety, contact Heartspring every day looking for a place for their children, but because of our lengthy waiting lists, we have to tell them to wait months or years until their children can have access to the life-changing programs Heartspring offers. To meet this need, we have put together a plan to expand our campus and services.

Now is the time for us to do more. Now is the time for us to turn the fear and anxiety that our families face into hope and opportunity. Now is the time for Heartspring to be Expanding Possibilities

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Project Timeline

  • March 2017
    Ground Breaking Ceremony

  • April 2017
    Group Home Start

  • May 2017
    Cafeteria Start

  • Mid-May 2017
    Pediatric / Autism Services Start

  • October 2017
    Cafeteria Completed

  • November 2017
    Pediatric / Autism Services Completed

  • December 2017
    Group Home Completed

Campaign Goals

Goal One

Eliminate waiting lists and reduce the time it takes for children to receive our services

Goal Two

Develop multi-purpose spaces that are designed for us to expand if further growth is necessary and flexibly meet changing programming demands

Goal Three

Create sustainable spaces that are durable and cost efficient with self-sustaining programs that require no additional overhead

New Group Home

On average, students spend 141 days on the Heartspring school’s waitlist. The construction of our newest home, G10, allows us to meet our current and future space needs.
The new 9,135 sq. ft. structure will have 12 bedrooms.
G10 features a new open floor plan designed to foster student safety and independence. Heartspring staff will have line-of-sight over the entire living, dining and recreation area.
There are designated areas for different student activities like leisure, dining, academics and group activities.
Having a specific area for each part of a student’s home helps promote structured learning, which is being used in the classrooms.
We will cut down on repair costs with furnishings and materials that are more durable and able to withstand aggressive behaviors.
The new space will be designed to specifically meet the challenging physical demands our children place on it with more durable materials and an open-floor plan.

New Group Home

The average time a child spends on Heartspring’s school waitlist is 141 days. That’s 141 days for families to wait in crisis mode. That’s more than four and a half months of growth each and every student on the waiting list is missing out on and of parents just hoping they can deal with their child’s outbursts and behaviors while keeping everyone in their family safe, knowing their child could be in a place that’s safer, a place that can help him or her find his or her independence and become who he or she is meant to be.

Heartspring’s residential program is the last hope for many families of children with special needs. Parents and guardians who come to us have exhausted the resources near their homes and are looking for a place that can keep their children safe while helping them grow and build independence. We are filled to capacity and need more space for the children who need our services. We’ve opened three off-campus homes, but our residential waiting list still remains, and we continue to get new referrals.

The construction of G10 allows us to meet our current and future space needs. We are designing this home to specifically meet the challenging physical demands our children place on it. We’ve focused on durability, design and efficiency, taking what we’ve learned works and what doesn’t work in our current homes and incorporating it into the plans for G10.

By The Numbers

  • $2,310,000
    Estimated Cost

  • 9,135 sq. ft.
    Additional Living Space

  • 12
    New Student Bedrooms

  • 8 Months
    Construction Timeline

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Pediatric Services/Autism Services Addition

To address the waitlist and ever-growing need of our services, we are building onto our Pediatric Services building so we can add and streamline services.
Our Autism Services employees and services will move into the Pediatric Services area. This includes programs such as Applied Behavior Analysis, CARE Clubs and therapies.
The expansion includes six new therapy rooms, six new office spaces, a new mother’s nursing room, two additional conference rooms and an expanded waiting area.

Pediatric Services / Autism Services Addition

Imagine being told your child was different than your friend’s kids, sister’s kids or neighbor’s kids. Or that it would take special interventions and treatments you had never even heard of to help your child lead his or her best life. Imagine you were told the sooner you were able to get these services the better, and that time was incredibly important to your child’s future. After all of this, imagine you found a place that sounded perfect for your child that you hear recommended time and time again. Then, imagine you learn that it may be months if not years before your child can actually attend.

Many of the families seeking help from Heartspring’s Pediatric Services or Autism Services programs have to wait up to two years to be seen by a therapist. That is why we are planning a campus remodel and expansion, so families don’t have to go through these hardships. We want to expand and streamline our services to help address the ever-growing need for the therapies and interventions we provide for children.

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By The Numbers

  • $1,030,000
    Estimated Cost

  • 5,300 sq. ft.
    Expansion of Space

  • 90 per week
    New Therapy Slots

  • 6
    New Therapy Rooms & Offices

  • 2
    Additional Conference Rooms

  • 25%
    Increased Program Capacity

  • 6 Months
    Construction Timeline

Cafeteria Expansion and Remodel

Our school campus was constructed in 1998. Since then, we’ve gone from 320 meals served a week to over 1,300 without adding any square footage to accommodate for growth.
To reduce costs, we will use our existing roofline and foundation, and we’ll move the exterior wall out to meet where the current patio is.
Seating will expand from 56 to 84 people.
The food pick-up area will have a new streamlined design, making the food pick-up process faster by cutting down on congestion and improving visibility for all staff.
The current center partition will be removed for better line of sight, creating a more open floor plan to increase staff visibility and student independence.
We are adding a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.
The cafeteria's aesthetics will also be updated with new, sensory-friendly paint, new tables and booths and additional noise-dampening material.

Cafeteria Expansion and Remodel

Our school campus was constructed in 1998. Since then, we’ve doubled the number of students we serve and increased the meal preparations from one meal a day to three meals a day going from 320 meals served a week to over 1,300 without adding any square footage to accommodate for growth.

Mealtime for our students is more than getting the food to fuel them through the day, it’s also a valuable learning experience. The students acquire extremely important social and life skills like how to properly feed themselves, use utensils or ask food service employees for what they want.

The current space hinders this valuable learning process and creates safety issues while dining. The cafeteria is cramped, making it difficult for staff to consistently have easy access to our students in case of a behavior. Safety is a top priority at Heartspring, and we want to ensure when parents entrust us with their loved ones, we are creating the safest environment possible. As we continue to grow to keep up with the demand for our services, we will have to expand our cafeteria to be able to feed the increased number of students.

By The Numbers

  • $570,000
    Estimated Cost

  • 3,270 sq. ft.
    Cost-effective Expansion

  • 56 to 84
    New Expanded Seating

  • 6 Months
    Construction Timeline

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Group Home Remodel

For our students, Heartspring becomes much more than just a school, it becomes a home for nearly sixty children every year. This is where they eat, sleep, relax, learn and grow. Our campus has seen birthday parties, holidays, triumphs and many memories.

Deferred maintenance, poor design and improper lighting give our houses more of an institutionalized atmosphere than the home-like atmosphere our students deserve. We are planning a remodel of all six current homes on campus, so our students will have their best possible home at Heartspring.

By The Numbers

  • $600,000
    Estimated Cost

  • 6
    Homes Updated

  • 6 Months
    Project Timeline

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New CIE / Music Building

We plan to move our Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program and music program into a building created specifically for them.
The CIE area is modeled like a typical workplace with multiple work areas as well as a break room.
The space has its own bathrooms and alternative rooms for the convenience and safety of students.

New Competitive Integrated Employment / Music Building

The number of students served in our school has more than doubled while the number of classrooms available to students has not. To meet the needs of children with special needs and their families, Heartspring needs more space. Currently, we have eight classrooms available to our students. With the addition of our tenth group home, we need additional classrooms. We have three rooms that house our state-of-the-art Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program and our music program. While we need more classroom space, these programs are invaluable to our students’ enrichment and preparation for life after Heartspring. Children build vocational skills through classroom work, school-based internships and community-based internships. Our music program provides an outlet for our students to express themselves and learn in a new way.

To add the additional space we need and also keep these two programs running, we’ve added a second phase to our building project — the construction of a CIE/music addition. We will construct a 5,153 sq. ft. building to address the specific needs of both programs. The programs will define the space instead of the space defining them. In CIE, this will enable us to create an environment that closely models the work conditions the students will see later in life setting them up for a path to greater independence. This addition will allow us to keep up with the need for and quality of our services and plan for our future.

By The Numbers

  • $990,000
    Estimated Cost

  • 5,174 sq. ft.
    New Space

  • Allows for 3
    Additional Classrooms

  • 30 students
    Increased Classroom Capactiy

  • 50% of students
    Participate in CIE Program

  • 8 Months
    Construction Timeline

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For more information on our campus expansion project and donation opportunities please contact:

Stacie Williamson

Director of Development

Be a part of Heartspring history by helping us Expand Possibilities.

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