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CDC announces 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism in the United States

WICHITA, Kan. – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced new numbers on Thursday, indicating one in 68 American children are living with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the United States. In the last two decades, autism prevalence as reported in the scientific literature, has increased by more than 600 percent.

“Autism continues to require all of us to recognize a tremendous need that must be addressed in terms of early and sustained support for these individuals. We must become a collaborative community of support, with individuals, parents, caregivers, educators, researchers, and policy makers to address early intervention, but more importantly, sustained intervention throughout an individual's life,” Director of Heartspring’s Community of Autism Resources and Education (CARE) Program, Connie Erbert, said.

Heartspring’s CARE Program serves more than 600 local children and families impacted by autism each year. Services include educational and private consultations, summer camps and social groups for individuals with autism. The CARE Program strives to embrace the community with resources that ultimately enhance the lives of those impacted by an autism spectrum disorder.

“While the statistics continue to rise, our focus must remain vigilant and proactive. Behind the numbers are families and individuals with their own stories...stories we must become a part of through support, compassion and awareness,” Erbert said.

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Heartspring’s CARE Program will be hosting the 7th annual Autism CARE Walk on Saturday, April 26, 2014, Downtown at WaterWalk. The Autism CARE Walk raises funds and awareness for local children and families impacted by autism through the CARE Program. For more information regarding this event, please visit


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