Mimi French

Mimi French

Occupational Therapist

As an occupational therapist at Heartspring, Mimi French sets goals and helps children work toward independence in daily living skills including self-help, fine-motor and play skills. She has 33 years of experience in occupational therapy. She treats each day like her first, with an enthusiastic spirit and a drive to make sure every session is fun and beneficial for her patients.

Her interest in occupational therapy began when she visited her sister, who is a physical therapist. She had the opportunity to observe occupational therapy and realized that’s the career path she would like to take. She went to the University of Missouri and received a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Mimi has had extensive continuing education in fine motor and sensory processing skills.  

She started her career at a DePaul Health Center in St. Louis where Mimi rotated through acute care, hand therapy, rehabilitation and geriatrics. Mimi had an opportunity to pursue her passion as a pediatric therapist at Ranken Jordan – a children’s rehab center in St. Louis. When Mimi and her family moved to Wichita, she continued her career at Heartspring.

Mimi’s expertise includes, but is not exclusive to fine motor, sensory processing and general development.  She has had extensive experience with children with autism, Down syndrome and developmental delay.  Mimi provides yearly in-services at Wichita State University on sensory processing and the child. She has also presented on fine-motor skills and general child development to different school districts and other parent and professional groups throughout Wichita.

Providing training and home program recommendations are essential components of her occupational therapy services at Heartspring. She says that the activities and exercises they do during the session are important, but it’s also vital that parents work with their child when they are at home. She loves to empower parents and teachers to help children function at the highest level of independence.

In her free time, Mimi enjoys spending time with family, riding bikes and swimming.