Molly Chase

Molly Chase

Speech-Language Pathologist

Heartspring Speech-Language Pathologist Molly Chase’s first experience in her field was in high school, when she babysat a girl and helped her with speech exercises. That sparked and interest and, from there, she pursued speech-language pathology as a career. She earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Kansas State University and started working at Heartspring shortly after graduating. She has worked with preschool and school-aged children with a variety of speech and language impairments including autism, apraxia of speech, receptive and expressive language disorders and articulation/phonology deficits. She enjoys developing relationships with children and families and knowing she gets to make a positive impact on their lives.

Molly recently started a new position at Heartspring as a home and community-based therapist. This allows Molly to go to children and help them generalize skills in their natural environments. She works with parents, teachers, ABA therapists, and other members of the child’s team by teaching them how to implement a functional communication system into the child’s daily life.

Molly also leads a speech and occupational therapy group in which she and an occupational therapist work with children in a group of four. They address social interaction skills, communication, and motor skills. Parents are also involved in the group in order to develop relationships with their children and learn techniques to implement at home.

Molly attended the 2015 “Closing the Gap” conference where she was able to learn about advances in assistive technology.  There, she was able to learn about current augmentative communication devices and update her skill set.