Molly Lyon

Molly Lyon


Heartspring Audiologist, Molly Lyon, brings more than 30 years of audiology and speech-language pathology experience to the organization. In her time here, Molly has made her mark on the Pediatric Services program. Heartspring’s support of her dedication to changing lives has allowed her to bring new therapies and programs to the department.

After receiving specialized training, Molly helped start the cochlear implant mapping program at Heartspring.  Programs offering implant mapping are scarce in Kansas and the program has helped increase options available to families.  As part of her work as an aural rehabilitation audiologist, Molly helps children learn to develop listening skills in order to support the development of spoken language.  She recognizes the importance of getting family members involved in the process, so they know how to support the child in all environments, not just the therapy room.  Molly also has an interest in the evaluation and rehabilitation of children with central auditory processing disorders and has become a resource to parents and school personnel in the community. Her newest venture is the My Listening EARS - Early Access to Reading and Speaking therapy group, a kinesthetic auditory-verbal-based literacy program for children ages two to four with hearing loss who are dependent on listening technology to hear and process speech. The group setting not only allows children to develop listening skills in a challenging listening environment, but it also encourages valuable peer interactions. As part of the program, she meets with the parents of those children enrolled in the program in a small informal group to answer questions and provide information on specific topics related to children with hearing loss.

Prior to coming to Heartspring, Molly worked in a variety of settings, including a 30-year stint in the Wichita School District in the center-based program for children with hearing loss.  While there she worked with children with all degrees of hearing loss and communication modes. She helped write the Kansas Hearing Screening Guidelines, a manual that set the policies in hearing screening still used in schools today.  She recently has written a chapter in an audiology textbook on managing children with hearing loss in the educational setting.

Molly is always looking to learn the newest developments in her field. She recently attended the Biennial Alexander Graham Bell National Convention in Denver, annually attends the Kansas Speech Language Hearing Association Convention, and the American Academy of Audiology, Audiology NOW! Convention in Orlando. She is often asked to make presentations in the community.  Most recently, she presented an in-service on central auditory processing for the Wichita Public Schools.  She has given numerous presentations in the community on cochlear implant rehabilitation and development of spoken language in children with hearing loss. As a past adjunct professor at Wichita State University, she has taught courses in measurement, aural rehabilitation, and pediatric amplification to graduate students in audiology.

Molly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Friends University and a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Wichita State University. She is also certified as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist by the Alexander Graham Bell Association. In her free time, she enjoys dining out in “off the road” cafes across the state, gardening and home remodeling.