General Information for Families

Attendance Policy:

Clients are expected to attend all scheduled therapy sessions, including summer months. Appointments missed without notification prior to the scheduled time will be subject to a $25.00 charge. Two consecutive missed appointments without notification, is considered grounds for termination of services, as is excessive tardiness. Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment and return 5 minutes prior to the conclusion.

Schedule Changes:

Appointment times will be evaluated based on need and availability. If your scheduled appointment time does not work for your yearly schedule, changes will be taken under advisement. You must complete a schedule change form located at the front desk and will be placed on a waitlist at that time. You will be notified by phone when a preferred appointment time is available, however if you decline the offered time, you will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. Typical wait time for schedule changes is a minimum of three months.

Cancellation Policy:

If an appointment needs to be cancelled due to illness or other special circumstances, call 316-634-8710; 24 hour notice is preferred. Only calls made to this number will be approved; cancellation calls made to therapists will be subject to a $25.00 charge. *No-show/cancellation fees are not covered by insurance or financial assistance. For the safety and consideration of others, we ask that you keep your child home for any of the following reasons: 100 degree fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or infectious disease e.g. chicken pox, strep throat, pinkeye, etc.

Payment Policy:

Payments for services are due at the time of your appointment. This includes co-pays, co-insurance, payment plans and financial assistance. Failure to pay for services rendered will result in termination of services.


Heartspring is contracted with multiple insurance companies. We will bill your insurance for payment but all services may not be covered under your policy. Please check with your insurance provider for specific information on your financial responsibility.

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