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Speak, 說話, spreken, parlare, tala (2016/06/03)

No matter what the language, English, Chinese, Dutch, Italian or Swiss, speaking means we are able to express our ideas, thoughts, wants, needs and interact with others. Typically we speak in a lot of different ways – gestures, eye contact, verbally, texting, etc. For some of the students Heartspring serves, communication and speaking can take on... READ MORE


The Safe Room (2016/05/20)

Most of us have only seen these rooms on television. Some of us think about our tornado shelters or cellars when we hear the words, “safe room.” Regardless of purpose, these rooms are places that shelter us from harm from the physical world, whether it be intruders or Mother Nature.  A place we go for protection when the world pose... READ MORE


The Privacy Fence (2016/05/05)

Our backyards vary in shape, size and structure. Some are filled with beautiful and plentiful gardens, while others serve as our children’s playgrounds.  Some have trampolines and play equipment; others are filled with covered patios made for family gatherings and grilling burgers. These are typically private spaces we use for relaxation... READ MORE


The Food Pantry and All of Supplies We Need to Make Our Home “Functional” (2016/04/14)

A trip to the grocery store is respite for some of us as parents. The time where we slip away from the daily grind of being a parent. Some of us, however, do not have the luxury of this time away and must take our children with us in this task of stocking our pantries. Making sure we have the food we need provides us with reassurance that our famil... READ MORE


Nicole McLain


Nicole McLain is the director of Heartspring’s Autism Services programs. She has years of experience working with children with special needs in the classroom, community, within family homes and in therapeutic environments. Her last job was as program director at a South Carolina school where she developed and managed programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Helping families find resources, learn and grow and assisting children reach their goals and aspirations in life are amongst her top career objectives. Nicole has lived and studied ASD across the country, but is originally a Kansas girl from Beloit.


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