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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Brandt Patterson

Children at CARE Clubs and Camp SSTAR know him as "Mr. Brandt." The community knows him as a great trainer, advocate, and subject matter expert on autism spectrum disorder.   The ... Read More



COVID-19 and ASD: Managing Expectations and Regression

As children's schedules, routines, and daily activities are being modified or removed all-together, parents may notice more meltdowns, and this is completely expected and understandable. Parents shoul... Read More



A social story for Independence Day

Helping children with sensory challenges cope with future events

Independence Day is rapidly approaching, and as many caregivers are aware, children with sensory challenges can experience upset as a result of fireworks. But here is the good news: social sto... Read More



Values Ambassador Spotlight: Kendra Conard

A world pandemic. A computer virus. A new payroll system. What do all of these have in common? A hard-working director of accounting who gracefully takes on challenges and works day in and out until i... Read More



Thank you, Heartspring Staff

A message from Board of Trustees Chair Mike Flores

Dear Heartspring Employees, When I joined the board eight years ago as “the accountant,” I, like other board members, was excited at the opportunity to serve.  All I ever hoped to ... Read More


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