Community Engagement

Raising Awareness. Building Partnerships. Changing Lives.

The Community Engagement program offers an Understanding Autism training that helps organizations better understand autism and how to effectively support and interact with those on the spectrum.

We also provide children's social groups, parent training, child-care services, and other support.

Our services extend into the community through consulting, coaching, and collaboration with local partners to champion the acceptance of people with all abilities.

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Additional Support

If your child needs more comprehensive support, the Heartspring School may be a good fit.

We specialize in helping families struggling to be served by their local districts.

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Signs Your Child May Need A Hearing Test

Fearless: Mikey's Story  

Learn how Mikey overcame many obstacles when he was younger to live a strong, fearless life!

"Without Heartspring, without CARE, Mikey would be struggling significantly in those social behavioral skills."

— Monica, Mikey's Mother

For more information on our Community Engagement programs please contact:

Darrell Daugherty

Community Engagement Director
Tristen Moore

Tristen Moore

CARE Coordinator