Julie Noller

Julie Noller

Chief Program Officer

Julie Noller is an advocate. She has made a career at Heartspring as an advocate for both the children we serve and the employees who work here. She has been a part of Heartspring at various levels, beginning as a staff recruiter to now leading her team as director of the school. She loves seeing the students and the employees at Heartspring endeavoring towards their greatest potential and works tirelessly to help them meet that goal.

After graduating from Southwestern College with degrees in Spanish and English, Julie was compelled to work in the nonprofit sector, which led her to Heartspring. She started her career as the lone staff recruiter, but in three short years she advanced her career and was promoted to human resources director.

Julie spent the next 13 years advocating for employees and the Heartspring mission. She saw Heartspring as a place of great transformation for both the students and the employees and she wanted to make sure that tradition continued and developed. She knew this was where she wanted to be and the cause she wanted to fight for, and to take her next step in the organization, she’d have to go back to school, so she earned her executive master’s of business administration from Wichita State University.

In 2015, she took over as the division director of the Heartspring School. Within a short time, she’s made a number of changes to the organization. She expanded the school’s capacity to serve for the first time in five years by opening a second off-campus home to allow more students to gain transferrable life skills and grow. Julie was also instrumental in the implementation of the competitive integrated employment program. This program focuses on preparing students for their transition out of Heartspring, giving them the work experiences they would need to find a job in their community.

Julie enjoys spending time with her family and dogs. She also enjoys creative pursuits like photography and taking different art classes to exercise a different part of her mind.