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Heartspring School Teachers Receive Building-Level Administrator Licenses

After much dedication and hard work, Special Education Teachers Darrell Daugherty, Jennifer Daugherty, and June Henkelman completed their respective graduate educational leadership programs, passed their comprehensive exams, and received their building-level administrator licenses. 

With this accomplishment, Darrell, Jennifer, and June have gained educational leadership credentials that allows them to serve our school through principal duties and continue delivering high-quality education services for our students and families.

With their new leadership roles, they will assist Director of Educational Services Stephen Perry in increasing the efficiency of our programs and continue growing in excellence by working with school district partners, providing oversight of our teaching programs and IEP plans, conducting formal evaluations, and assisting in weekly school walk-throughs.

In addition to new administrator duties, Darrell, Jennifer, and June will continue leading their classrooms and begin providing mentorship to their peers and staff to grow as professionals and help our students reach their best academic potential. 

Darrell, Jennifer, and June have an unmatched passion for our mission. All three have made an amazing positive impact in the lives of our students and employees since the day they joined Heartspring.
Darrell Daugherty started his journey with Heartspring in March of 2005 and has an incredible connection to his staff and students. He has also served on various school committees, and recently, he received a recognition for leading one of two classrooms at Heartspring that achieved a 100% staff retention rate within a year.
Jennifer Daugherty
Jennifer Daugherty joined Heartspring in August of 2008 and has served on various school improvement committees. In 2013, she was awarded with the “Exceptional Educator of the Year” nomination by Exceptional Parent Magazine.
June Henkelman
June Henkelman has been at Heartspring since July of 2006, and she began the Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program to help students acquire vocational skills and transition-readiness for life after Heartspring. Since then, the program has grown significantly, and today, it is housed in its own building. 


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