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Tameka's Journey: A Reflection on 20 Years of Building Lives

The year 2000 changed Tameka’s life. Not only did she begin a career as a paraeducator at Heartspring, but she also became a mother for the first time. And with the same loving heart she b... Read More



What it Means to be a Heartspring Values Ambassador

Behind every student’s success, there’s a passionate, caring employee putting their heart and soul into helping students thrive. Thanks to a Heartspring employee, Sydney, who now works ... Read More



Bennett's Victory

One day, Bennett surprised his staff. In the middle of the night, he walked out of his bedroom and went directly to an employee. He pointed to a page in his Augmentative and Alternative Communicati... Read More



Justin's Joy

Last week, Justin approached a staff during his walk. He grabbed his Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device, scrolled his screen, and pressed a button that said, “Hello!&rdqu... Read More



Heartspring Speech-Language Pathologist Rhonda Witherspoon Endorsed by Apraxia Kids

Since 1989, Heartspring Speech-Language Pathologist Rhonda Witherspoon has helped numerous children find hope and opportunity through life-changing speech therapy services. She is especially passionat... Read More


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