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Andrea Maag: Raising Autism Awareness in Salina

Supporting Heartspring from afar

Andrea Maag Andrea Maag

Earlier this month, the streets of downtown Salina were filled with music and people. All to support Heartspring and Autism Awareness.

The fun and excitement were all thanks to Andrea Maag. Who, despite having not one but two jobs, has found the time to support Heartspring for a number of years. She helped her friends host an Autism Awareness fundraiser in the past, but this year she took the lead for the first time.

Andrea put together this year’s Autism Awareness fundraiser in Saline County. The benefit for Heartspring featured food, activities, and, for the first year ever, bands--three bands to be exact. This was an addition Andrea made herself. The reason for all her work is personal.

“I have autism,” Andrea said. “And I always want to help people as much as possible.”

Andrea was the first woman to receive an autism diagnosis in Saline County. She is writing a book about her experience called “My Life With Autism.”

Andrea originally learned about Heartspring through the Autism CARE Walk. She’s hoping to join the walk at CAREfest this year.

Andrea estimates she had about 70 people attend her event where they raised hundreds of dollars for Heartspring. The primary fundraisers being raffle tickets and donations.

We are incredibly thankful for Andrea and her generosity.

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