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Mental Health Matters – Happy World Mental Health Day!

Let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day by committing to self-care during a difficult time.

By: Heartspring Marketing

Mental Health Matters – Happy World Mental Health Day! Mental Health Matters – Happy World Mental Health Day!

This year, World Mental Health Day is on Saturday, October 10. In the past nine months, the world has radically changed due to the pandemic, affecting each of us uniquely.

The truth is that our world is very different than it was at the beginning of the year. Take a moment to do an inner inventory of your state of mind and your experiences since February 2020: What has changed in your daily life since then? What emotions have you felt? How would you describe your mental health today?

COVID-19 has caused losses, grief, anxiety, and fear for many of us. While, collectively, we have bravely embraced resilience, adaptability, and hope, it is important that do not ignore the heaviness that comes with the pandemic.

Give yourself grace about being human: Like everyone else, you have feelings, thoughts, and reactions.

During this difficult time in which many of us are experiencing feelings of anxiety and isolation, we encourage you to:

  • Care for yourself: Self-care is incredibly important. Taking time to employ healthy coping strategies will help you feel your best. When stressed, take a break and practice deep cleansing breaths. Maybe go for a walk or do some at-home workouts. Remember to eat nutritious meals, get plenty of sleep, and keep hydrated. Lastly, there is no shame in seeking professional help if you need additional coping strategies or even just to talk. 
  • Focus on what you can control: If you worry about the safety of you or your loved ones, take a step back and focus on areas in your life where you can take positive action: How can you keep yourself and your family/loved ones healthy? What actions can you take to prevent getting ill? What actions can you take to feel better? How often can you check in with your loved ones via phone or Zoom?
  • Stay connected: Physical distance does not mean emotional distance. Staying connected to those we love is incredibly important right now. Call your loved ones often, and check in with your neighbors and family members who live away from you. Find a sense of community and purpose wherever you can. Staying connected and caring for others helps us build bonds and connection – we are in this together!

On World Mental Health Day, let’s commit to taking care of our own mental health!


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