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Sally Chesser: A Lifetime of Support

Sally Chesser Sally Chesser

We have many supporters who have been connected with Heartspring for a variety of different lengths of time. Some make their impact by volunteering for an event just once. We also have people who give reoccurring gifts for years. Others support Heartspring for most of their lives. Sally Chesser is one of those people.

Chesser first heard about Heartspring when she was a member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. The philanthropic sorority has supported Heartspring for decades. She joined the philanthropic organization when she first moved to Kansas.

With them, she became connected with Heartspring, then named the Institute of Logopedics. She supported Heartspring in many different ways, even helping to cook a Thanksgiving meal for the staff.

Even though Chesser supported Heartspring for years through Epsilon Sigma Alpha, she became more personally involved after a tour she took in the mid-2010s.

Her connection continued to grow when her grandson used Heartspring services.

“They helped him a lot,” Chesser said. “Once he started coming here and getting more involved, it made a big difference. He was much more outgoing.... He liked coming over here.”

Even though the dates on the calendar changed, there was one thread that brought Chesser back to Heartspring.

“The children of course,” Chesser said. “It’s the children and seeing the improvement in the residential area... I can imagine what a heart they have for helping these children.”

If you are interested in a tour of Heartspring, please email to schedule one.


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