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Values Amassador: Shelby Lewis

Values Amassador: Shelby Lewis Values Amassador: Shelby Lewis

For almost six years, Shelby Lewis has worked with students in the Heartspring School. Between positions in the Group Homes and School Psychology, Shelby’s punctual, organized, and sunny disposition are a welcomed presence in all environments. Nominated for her leadership skills, Shelby is this month’s Values Ambassador. Here is why Missy Songer nominated Shelby:

Why did you nominate Shelby?

Shelby has an incredible relationship with staff, students, and parents. She lights up everyone’s room with her positive attitude and demeanor. Many times, she can reach a student when no one else can. She has a very approachable, relatable demeanor that helps bring light into difficult situations, and she celebrates all wins, no matter how small or large, with all of her kids.

What is she like to work with?

Shelby is a joy. She is punctual, organized, and always willing to help. She is often the first one to respond to a support call, and the first one to jump in during a challenging situation. She accepts demands without complaining, and if she does not know the answer to a problem, she works to find a solution. Shelby gets what needs to be done efficiently and always has a great attitude. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met! Her energy is infectious. Everyone looks to her for guidance and direction, not only in meetings but during difficult crisis situations.

How much do you think her work impacts the children and families we serve?

She develops genuine, inspiring relationships with the staff, students, and their families. Shelby also stays in contact with Heartspring graduates. Long after they are gone, she still cares about them and tries to stay in contact with them.

Shelby, thank you for modeling punctuality, organization, and positivity for everyone. We appreciate you and your commitment to the students and children we serve at Heartspring!

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